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Edinburgh Evening News | Frankie Mack Raises Over £900 For NHS During Lockdown

Edinburgh performer Frankie Mack has raised almost £1,000 for the NHS in a Facebook Live gig broadcast from lockdown in Tenerife. The Swing and Rat Pack singer used to perform at care homes in Edinburgh, but moved to Tenerife for work in the summer of 2019. He has now been in lockdown for more than three weeks, and has been broadcasting Facebook Live performances from his Facebook page, Frankie Mack – The Swing and Rat Pack Showman. The performance was organised primarily for a golfing community of expats on mainland Spain, but many of Mr Mack’s frequent supporters joined in as well. " In the previous shows I did people were really generous with their tips so I wanted to give...

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Edinburgh Evening Newspaper | FrankieMack Performs From Home On Lockdown

An Edinburgh singer and performer who has been on lockdown in Tenerife for over a week is another entertainer who has taken to Facebook Live. Frankie Mack used to perform at care homes in Edinburgh but he moved to Tenerife in June, where he was voted ‘best newcomer’ by the Tenerife Entertainment Awards 2019. As Spain went into lockdown last week he has been self-isolating in his apartment since last Saturday night. “I’m so bored!” said the singer, who has lost all of his bookings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He has since produced a series of live events on his Facebook page, ‘FrankieMack – The Swing and Rat Pack Showman’, both to earn money through a paypal link and to...

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